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Michael: Simply amazing, so I have a server at Voxelhost for about a week now and I have to say, it is truly amazing. I have a 3Gb server. They say it can handle around 46 people but thats not realy true. Voxelhost servers are superfast, if I restart my server it takes 6 seconds and it is up again, with a superfast processor and realy good ram, my server could handle 100 people without any lagg! I highly recomend Voxelhost to all of you becouse they have awesome prizes and they deliver truly awesome servers.

William: VoxelHost is, in my opinion, one of the best Minecraft hosts: Lag free, cheap and extremely efficient. And Voxel is the only host, as far as i know, who can provide reliable live assistance ! I' don't regret moving to Voxel :D

Our Advantages

Best-in-class reliability, performance and value

Voxel Host utilises industry-leading and the latest Server Equipment, all our equipment is designed for usage in servers.

We never oversell

There are a lot of providers who oversell their resources hoping that most customers will only use a small portion of what they pay for. Voxel Host has built an infrastructure with room to grow so we always have excess capacity.

Instant Activation and Setup

Publish your website now, Start Gaming now or Configure your VPS now! Order a Voxel Host service and your account is activated, setup and configured, with the login details awaiting you in your e-mail box within minutes.